The statue of María Zambrano was unveiled on Plaza La Carmalitas in Vélez-Málaga. Fundación María Zambrano
María Zambrano ‘comes home’ to Vélez-Málaga

María Zambrano ‘comes home’ to Vélez-Málaga

A sculpture of the illustrious thinker and philosopher by local artist Francisco Martín has been unveiled on Plaza Las Carmelitas

Eugenio Cabezas


Saturday, 27 May 2023, 09:01


Vélez-Málaga continues to pay tribute to one of its most illustrious residents; the philosopher María Zambrano, who died in February 1991. A sculpture of the thinker, the work of the Torre del Mar artist Francisco Martín, who is behind a number of well-known pieces throughout Malaga province, was unveiled on Thursday 26 May on Plaza Las Carmelitas.

The María Zambrano Foundation, which is home to the legacy of the universal thinker, in the town's Palacio del Marqués de Beniel, has been working for months on this project so that the life-size statue of the philosopher had a permanent home in the town where she was born.

Fundación María Zambrano
Imagen principal - María Zambrano ‘comes home’ to Vélez-Málaga
Imagen secundaria 1 - María Zambrano ‘comes home’ to Vélez-Málaga
Imagen secundaria 2 - María Zambrano ‘comes home’ to Vélez-Málaga

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At 165 centimetres tall, the statue is the same height as the philosopher herself. She is accompanied by a cat which she kept as pets throughout her life and a plaque with a quote by the thinker: "Vélez-Málaga, my town, you have been the love across so many frontiers, through so many episodes, through so much suffering...".

"The illustrious thinker María Zambrano and the foundation that houses her legacy are a key part of the cultural heritage and tourist attraction of Vélez-Málaga and the Axarquía, hence the importance of continuing to work to promote her life and work and consolidate Vélez-Málaga as a 'city of culture and thought'," said the president of the foundation and mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer.

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