The Río de la Miel illegal landfill / SUR

Work to cap and restore illegal Nerja landfill site set to finish this week

Celebrations are on hold until the pending court case, due in October, which will see two council members and six local construction business owners in the dock

Eugenio Cabezas

The Junta de Andalucía is set to finish the work this week to close and restore the Río de la Miel illegal dump in Nerja. Between 1998 and 2016 more than 800,000 cubic metres of all types of construction and demolition as well as gardening waste accumulated. The regional department of sustainable development has invested 1.6 million euros in these works, which began in May 2021.

The work, carried out by the public company Tragsa, which began a year ago, included the removal of large machinery, the stabilisation of the slopes of the old Valverde quarry, and the construction of drainage channels, as well as the planting of native species of plants "with sufficient resilience to adapt to the site", as explained last Wednesday during a visit to the works by a representative from the department, Ana Corredera.

"It was a necessary work, which has been included in the regional plan for sealing landfills," explained Corredera, who pointed out that the work "has been slightly delayed" due to the transport strike in March. "We have managed to restore the area so that local residents can enjoy it," she added.

Court case

However, celebrations for the closure of the illegal landfill are on hold until the pending court case, which is due to take place in October, will see the mayor José Alberto Armijo in the dock, along with the urban planning councillor, Nieves Atencia and six local construction business owners.

The public prosecutor is asking for two years in prison and 18 months' disqualification, as well as fines of 7,300 and 18,250 euros, for their involvement in an alleged offence against natural resources and the environment. The trial was postponed last February when the lawyer of one of the accused businessmen quit.

The Public Prosecutor's Office put the cost of restoring the area around the old quarry at 10.8 million euros.

Regional and local politicians at the site last week / SUR