Richard Browning, this Saturday, at the Leoni Benabú aerodrome in the Axarquia. / E.C.

Watch as British inventor of Gravity Jet Suit takes to sky in first flight in Spain

Richard Browning put on a display this Saturday at the Leoni Benabú aerodrome in Vélez-Málaga ahead of an appearance at the Torre del Mar Airshow on Sunday

Eugenio Cabezas

The deafening sound of the turbines meant you couldn’t hear the gasps of Ooooh! among the large crowd that gathered this Saturday, 10 September, near the Aerodynamics Málaga pilot academy in El Trapiche, in the Axarquía.

Briton Richard Browning, the inventor and chief test pilot of the Gravity Jet Suit, gave the first public demonstration in Spain of a contraption that allows the dream of flying autonomously to come true.

The contraption uses kerosene to propel gas microturbines capable of delivering up to a thousand horsepower that he carries in a backpack and on both arms. The flight time is around five minutes, with a top speed of 136 kilometres per hour, explained Fernando Mendoza, commercial manager of Gravity Industries.

"The technology is very new, it is being evaluated for civil, military and industrial uses, and by numerous Nato armies", he explained moments before the demonstration by the company, which has signed an agreement with Aerodynamics Málaga to convert the airport facilities in the capital of Axarquia into the third training centre for these autonomous flight devices in the world. The other two are in the US and the UK, according to Mendoza.

Mendoza did not want to reveal the cost of the device "for reasons of confidentiality."

VI Torre del Mar Airshow

The event took place in parallel to the VI Torre del Mar Airshow, which is being held this weekend. This Saturday the Leoni Benabú aerodrome in Axarquia has hosted aerobatic flight displays by pilots Juan Velarde, who takes part in the international Red Bull tests; Francis Giménez, with his 'Silver Bullet', an ELA 10 Eclipse autogyro; Oliver Frutos, piloting the Starduster and Piper J3 aerobatic biplanes; the Italian Pioneer aircraft, and the Garra patrol. Everyone, including Browning, will also participate in the air festival scheduled for this Sunday at Torre del Mar beach, from 11am to 2.30pm.