Rosa Arrabal has resigned as councillor / e. cabezas

Former mayor of Nerja resigns as councillor "for personal reasons"

Rosa Arrabal has decided to step aside after the election of Patricia Gutiérrez as spokesperson for the PSOE

Eugenio Cabezas

The former socialist PSOE mayor of Nerja, Rosa Arrabal, who led the council during the last legislature between 2015 and 2019, announced her resignation as councillor "for personal reasons" on Monday.

Arrabal, 52, entered as councillor in 2011 and remained in opposition until 2015 when she was elected as mayor.

Arrabal has decided to step down following the election of Patricia Gutiérrez as spokesperson for the party, replacing her. "Now the last political year is beginning and I have already said that I will no longer be at the head of the list, a period of almost 12 years as councillor is coming to an end, in which I have learnt a lot from many people, both in government and in opposition", Arrabal stated, adding: "I will remember the good things from all these years".

Other resignations

With regard to her professional future, the lawyer revealed that she has started a temporary job as a civil servant in Malaga city, after passing a competitive examination for the General State Administration. "I will continue to collaborate with the party in whatever they ask me to do", she added.

It is not the first resignation within the PSOE in Nerja in this legislature. In April 2021, José Miguel Ortuño, who occupied the sixth place in the candidacy, resigned "for work reasons" and was replaced by Alejandro Barba, who was mayor of Maro during the last mandate.

Then last February, Ana Belén López, who was number five on the list also resigned after losing out to Gutiérrez as general secretary. She was replaced by Begoña Pascua. Next on the PSOE list to fill the vacancy left by Rosa Arrabal is Francisco Manuel Rodríguez.