Black pudding in Canillas de Aceituno / Nito Salas

Canillas de Aceituno launches gastronomy website to attract more tourists

A number of chefs from Malaga are involved in the initiative which has been designed to promote the benefits of the town’s traditional dishes, which include black pudding and suckling goat

Eugenio Cabezas

Canillas de Aceituno has been put on the map recently thanks to the El Saltillo trail, inaugurated in October 2020 and now it wants to attract visitors through its gastronomy. Traditional dishes include suckling goat baked in a wood-fired oven and black pudding with onions. As such the town has launched a website detailing its gastronomic products with the aim of attracting new tourists.

The website,, also includes tourist information about the town and seeks to attract new tourists interested in good food and in inland and rural destinations. It has different sections with recipes, news, a directory of restaurants where suckling goat and black pudding can be eaten and a YouTube channel where a number of video recipes can be viewed.

During the launch of the website, the Mayor of Canillas de Aceituno Vicente Campos explained: "With this initiative we are positioning our gastronomic products on the internet and also our greatest natural attraction, El Saltillo. The web has become a fundamental tool for tourists, as it is where most searches take place when people choosing a destination to visit. This is an important part of our strategy, which is to find new tourists who are interested in inland villages and nature.

Malaga chefs

The project content has been developed by the GastronÓmico agency, experts in agri-food marketing, with the collaboration of Axarmedios. Several chefs based in Malaga province have collaborated in its production, including Dani Carnero, from Kaleja; Álvaro Saura, from Liceo Playa; Matteo Manzato, from Venetiis; and Camilo Rojas, from Los Patios de Beatas. They have been in charge of the different video recipes and the interactive recipe book that can be downloaded from the website.

According to Malaga’s provincial authority, the Diputación, this strategy is focused on a target audience of men and women aged between 30 and 65 who have an active lifestyle, surf the Internet regularly and are looking for gastronomic experiences to enjoy with family and friends.

The launch of the website took place in Malaga on Monday / SUR