The area of Lomas de Cútar in the Malaga municipality of Almáchar, where the incident happened on Sunday. / E. CABEZAS

Boundary dispute ends in the death of 76-year-old man in Almáchar

Guardia Civil officers in the Axarquia arrested a 32-year-old local man who allegedly hit the elderly victim on the head with a stick


A 32-year-old resident of Almáchar, a small town in Malaga province, has been arrested by Guardia Civil officers for allegedly killing a 76-year-old man, hitting him with a stick on the head, during an argument. The dispute, apparently, originated from a boundary dispute related to some farms located in the Lomas de Cútar area, on the border with the municipality of Vélez-Málaga, according to SUR sources.

The incident happened on Saturday evening at around 7.05pm when the emergency services were alerted that a man had been injured in an alleged attack. They found the elderly man unconscious, with a serious head injury. Attempts to revive him were in vain, and he died at the scene. The alleged attacker was arrested nearby by the Guardia Civil.

SUR has learned the victim was not a native of Almáchar, although he had land in the municipality, while the alleged attacker is a resident of the 1,800 population town in the Axarquia.