El Cantal beach in Rincón de la Victoria. J. R. C.
Back to the drawing board for Costa del Sol artificial reef project

Back to the drawing board for Costa del Sol artificial reef project

Rincón de la Victoria town hall has been working on a marine regeneration plan since 2019

José Rodríguez Cámara

Rincón de la Victoria

Friday, 31 May 2024, 14:38

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The history of the artificial reef of El Cantal in Rincón de la Victoria on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol dates back to 2019, when the town hall announced that the Junta would collaborate in its creation, with the help of the Andalucía Agricultural and Fisheries Management Agency (Agapa).

In 2021 a geotechnical study was awarded with the aim of recovering and protecting sea life on this stretch of the Costa del Sol without interfering with possible recreational uses. Agapa had already submitted a preliminary study for the drafting of the future technical project. Three years later, no progress has been made and it’s back to the drawing board for the project.

Rincón’s councillor for Beaches, Sergio Díaz, said he regrets the waste of time involved in having to restart the procedure. Now the town hall, together with Agapa, has turned to the Andalusian coastal department, Demarcación de Costas de Andalucía Mediterráneo, which is based in Malaga, to move forward with the project. Díaz stresses that, at the moment, “the tone is one of collaboration” and he is confident that, “in the end, the project will come to fruition”.

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