Group photo of officials and all those awarded with the 'M de Malaga'. Ñito Salas
M for Malaga awards: the pride of the province

M for Malaga awards: the pride of the province

The Diputación provincial authority honoured recipients as part of the Día de Andalucía celebrations in the region

Matías Stuber


Wednesday, 1 March 2023, 08:18


The Diputación, Malaga's provincial authority has honoured the contributions of individuals, businesses and sporting bodies at its M for Malaga award prentations as part of the Día de Andalucía celebrations in the region. Awards were presented to the Costa del Sol's Association of Beach Entrepreneurs, the UMA Antequera BeSoccer team and the nine Malaga province firefighters who helped victims of the devasting Turkey earthquake.

Held in the Edgar Neville auditorium, the 'M for Málaga' award ceremony was presided over by president of the provincial authority, Francisco Salado, the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, the Minister of Economy and Finance of the Junta de Andalucía, Carolina España, and the subdelegate of the Government in Malaga, Javier Salas. Together they helped celebrate the people who highlighted the best of what Malaga has to offer.

The nine firefighters from Malaga did not hesitate to go to Turkey putting their own lives at risk to help save others. On behalf of the group, Lorenzo Álvarez took to the stage. «This earthquake has marked us all because of the disaster it caused. For us, they have been days of hard work, but satisfying for being able to do our bit to help.»

The Malaga Beach Entrepreneurs Association, chaired by Manuel Villafaina, which brings together more than 400 businesses including beach bars, sun bed rental, and nautical companies, was another of the winners. Accepting the award, Villafaina said «We are the tourist's second home and we help to build loyalty,» he claimed, remarking that the beach bars have contributed to «taking local gastronomy around the world.»

Flamenco art and the Peña Juan Breva have been dedicated to the study, research, practice, and promotion of flamenco art. Its president, Pablo Franco, assured that the 'M de Málaga' award is just another reason to insist on the work carried out by the supporters club and that «it will have a special place in the hearts of our members.»

After their giant-killing performance winning the Copa del Rey while a second division team, the BeSoccer Uma Antequera were winners again. Receiving the 'M for Malaga' award club president, Eloy Cano, reminded everyone that «with faith and skill, anything is possible.»

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