Old friends, Banderas and Close. / antonio banderas on twitter

Hollywood star Glenn Close visits final rehearsals for Antonio Banderas show before breaking into song

The pair starred in the same film nearly 30 years ago and the 'dear friends' have kept in touch ever since


They starred in the same film nearly 30 years ago and have kept in touch ever since, and this week Glenn Close went to visit Antonio Banderas in Madrid, where he is rehearsing the show Company which was such a success at his Soho Theatre in Malaga and is due to open at the Albéniz Theatre in the Spanish capital this week.

Banderas posted on social media that his “dear friend” Glenn Close had been to one of the final rehearsals and that her enthusiastic response had given them extra strength before the opening on 17 November.

The American star was photographed with the cast and some members of the theatre company, including Silvia Luchetti, a great fan, who said meeting her in person had been “a dream”.

Antonio Banderas was not the only ‘malagueño’ that Glenn Close met up with at the weekend, because after presenting the documentary The Lavander Scare at the Cineteca del Matadero de Madrid, she attended a flamenco party held by Eugenia Martínez de Irujo at the Palacio de Liria and sang Send in the Clowns with Pablo López on piano, who could not hide his surprise and satisfaction at this unexpected duet.

The hostess also posted a photo of the Hollywood star with López on her Instagram account, saying “it has been a huge pleasure to meet you. Thank you!!!”