Tagarnina stew being served at a previous festival. / SUR

Villanueva del Rosario recovers one of its most popular festivals: the Day of the Tagarnina

The tasting of the tagarninas stew, a typical dish of the town, will be accompanied by musical performances, a market and activities. Hand-made clay bowls will also be sold and all proceeds will be donated to the Support Ukraine appeal


After two years of pandemic, the town of Villanueva del Rosario will welcome the return of the Day of the Tagarnina, a festival of tourist interest that will feature live entertainment, a street market and a hiking tour, although the main protagonist of this celebration will be the Tagarninas stew.

The tagarnina is a wild plant of the thistle family which is used as an ingredient in stews, soups and various other dishes, and it is an important ingredient in the town’s traditional dish.

The festival takes place on Saturday 19 March and visitors will be offered the chance to sample this typical dish in the Plaza de España from 1.30pm.

The festivities will begin at 8.30am with the habitual hiking route from the Plaza Andalucía to the Mirador de Hondonero, where participants will enjoy breakfast in order to set them up for the day’s activities. Those wishing to participate must register at the town hall or by calling 952 74 20 08.

The children’s activities will begin in the Plazoleta del Juez at 12.30pm; while the Rociero choirs from Villanueva del Rosario and Villanueva de Tapia will offer performances from 1pm.

Other attractions include bingo in Plaza de España at 5pm, and a performance by local pop group La Puerta de Vilma at 6pm.

This edition of the festival will also be used to support the people of Ukraine. Hand-made clay bowls will be sold at two euros each and all proceeds will be donated to the Support Ukraine appeal.