The overturned bus in Villanueva del Trabuco. SUR
Coach full of school pupils crashes off road in north of Malaga province
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Coach full of school pupils crashes off road in north of Malaga province

The vehicle came to halt at a precarious angle in Villanueva del Trabuco and police are now investigating the cause of Wednesday's accident

Thursday, 4 April 2024, 14:10


A large group of school pupils suffered a big scare on Wednesday morning when the coach they were travelling to school on overturned in the north of Malaga province.

The school bus heading for Archidona crashed off on the A-7203 road after leaving from Villanueva del Trabuco. "There were 54 pupils on board, but they managed to get out of the vehicle, and another bus came to pick them up and take them to the secondary school," deputy mayor of Villanueva del Trabuco Alejandro Pascual told SUR.

According to witnesses, there were no injuries, as the driver and all the youngsters managed to get out safely. Guardia Civil officers attended the scene to help keep traffic moving through the area while the crashed coach was recovered.

"The vehicle was not badly damaged, only the front window and part of the side because it was travelling at low speed and, being on a slope, it only rolled over at 45 degrees, which reduced the impact," Pascual added.

The cause of the crash is unknown, however, some witnesses claimed grass in a ditch caused the driver to lose control. The owner of Viajaenminibus, José Luis Navas, told SUR that "in spite of everything" the company is relieved the incident was just a scare.

Navas said the driver is a very responsible person, with a lot of experience and is used to driving the same route every day. He pointed out the asphalt conditions on the road are very poor, so "it is not unusual that accidents like this can happen".

Police officers carried out a breathalyser and drug test on the driver to rule out that as the cause of the accident. "Tests have shown that the driver was driving at 51 kilometres per hour, but the roads in Villanueva del Trabuco are in very bad condition and no longer even have a hard shoulder," Navas said. He called for the resurfacing of the regional road, which is used daily by the more than 5,500 inhabitants of the village and neighbouring towns.

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