Paul Carmichael. SUR
'Nepotism is rife'
Local elections 2023

'Nepotism is rife'

PP Fuente de Piedra ·

Paul Carmichael has lived in Fuente de Piedra for 20 years and believes the situation in his village has got 'steadily worse'

Anna Clift

Tuesday, 23 May 2023, 13:07


Paul Carmichael, 61, is number 7 on the PP candidate list in Fuente de Piedra. He is originally from the Midlands and later lived in Aylesbury. He had various jobs throughout his time in the UK, the last one being a computer programmer.

He has been living in Spain for 20 years. He told SUR in English that he decided to move after quitting his job in the UK. He already had a holiday home here and "it just sort of happened," he said. Up until recently, he has been working as a translator.

Paul first got involved in local politics in the town in 2007. "The situation was pretty dire back then. And it's got steadily worse" he told SUR in English, concluding that "I basically hate to see people treated unfairly." He also had some involvement in local politics in the UK in the 80s.

When asked on what he feels needs changing in Fuente de Piedra, Paul replied "The town hall. The town is run by and for the half dozen or so big families. Nepotism is rife."



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