Antequera magician wins world championship in Quebec

Antequera magician wins world championship in Quebec

33-year-old Luis Olmedo came first in the close-up section, in his third attempt at the title

Antonio J Guerrero


Monday, 1 August 2022, 16:56

It was a case of third time lucky. Illusionist Luis Olmedo, from Antequera, made his third attempt at the world magic championships in Quebec, Canada, last week and he came first in the speciality of close-up.

After coming sixth in Italy in 2015 and fifth in South Korea in 2018, he fulfilled his dream of becoming the world’s best magician at the age of 33. Luis, with his card and coin tricks, was already one of the best-known illusionists in Spain when he travelled to Canada to perform in front of an audience of 2,500.

Micromagic, he explains, is “the magic that I can do for you here, at this distance. When you have four thousand people in front of you, you need a camera so that people can see and you need some people around you as well. This type of magic brings you very close to the spectator”.

What he particularly likes is being able to see people’s faces. “Their smile, the expression on their faces, seeing their look of surprise and hearing them laugh,” he says. “That’s what it’s all about”.

He tries to include a touch of humour in his tricks, as well. “I have studied a bit of theatre, and have been improving my stage work,” he explains. He says he has found the pandemic difficult to cope with, especially the times when he was unable to perform and then when everybody had to wear masks. However, he wants to learn from the experience.

“There were difficult moments, not financially so much but mentally. I think you have to do a bit of a mental reset: is it worth going on with this? Am I good enough to do it for a living? These things go through your mind, they are always there, but in the past two years I have had to fight them a bit harder,” says the man who is now a world champion magician.



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