The main Dcoop site at Antequera, the inland Malaga province. SUR
 Local olive oil giant reports bumper sales

Local olive oil giant reports bumper sales

Dcoop's sales have bounced back after being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing by 12.5% in 2021


Friday, 8 April 2022, 12:06


A local cooperative which is the world's largest producer of extra virgin olive oil and table olives has announced an increase in sales. Dcoop - which is based in Antequera in inland Malaga province - sold just over 1 billion euros of produce in 2021, an increase of 12.5% on 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic had hit sales in 2020. Olive oil is the biggest seller - 562m euros' worth was sold last year, an 18% increase, and the United States grew significantly as a market for its produce.

The group largely works as a cooperative, made up of 75,000 farmers and crop growers across Malaga, Cordoba and much of southern Spain.


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