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No lines of inquiry ruled out after corpse found without head, hands or genitals

No lines of inquiry ruled out after corpse found without head, hands or genitals

The mutilation of the body, believed to be that of a middle-aged man, will make it difficult to identify. It was found near Villanueva del Trabuco in Malaga province on Sunday afternoon


Wednesday, 13 April 2022, 10:47


The Guardia Civil is keeping "all hypotheses" open in the investigation into the death of a man whose seriously mutilated body was found last weekend near the town of Villanueva del Trabuco in Malaga province.

Homicide group officers do not rule out any line of investigation for now due to the macabre state in which the body was found.

The body was found without a head, without hands and also without genitalia, which, according to SUR sources, may point either to a settling of accounts or a crime relating to a sexual matter.

Difficult to identify

The fact that the corpse was beheaded and that the hands were cut off could be an attempt to make it difficult to identify the deceased by fingerprints or dental records while the mutilation of the genitals could be for one of two reasons that would lead the investigation in different directions: from torture or sexual revenge to an attempt to remove a tattoo that could also lead to identification.

Sources close to the case say that, according to the physical characteristics of the body, point to it being a middle-aged man, although the autopsy carried out by Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) in Malaga will give more definitive answers.

The forensic examination will also give an approximation of the date of death, although the first investigations suggest that the man would have been dead "days" - rather than hours - and that he would have been killed at another location, since where the body was found there were hardly any traces of blood.

According to the mayor of Villanueva del Trabuco, José María García Campos, the body was found on Sunday afternoon near the A-92, which divides Archidona and Villanueva del Trabuco. It was located in the undergrowth, about 500 metres from the junction between the A-7202 and the main road.

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