The site of the future factory. SUR
German ecofirm expands in inland Malaga province

German ecofirm expands in inland Malaga province

Secalflor has chosen a site in Mollina for its new factory and expects to employ 25 people



Thursday, 14 April 2022, 14:46


A German firm specialising in sustainable panels to save water when irrigating plants is to build a new factory in Mollina in inland Malaga province.

Secalflor Sur - the local operation of the company which is based near Berlin - told SUR that it expects to create 25 jobs in a new building on the industrial park just outside Mollina.

New staff will work on the production and distribution of the fully biodegradable panels used when sowing or planting and which retain moisture, reducing the frequency of watering.

Secalflor Sur arrived in Malaga in August 2020 and currently has offices on Málaga TechPark (PTA), a temporary operation which it will move to Mollina once the new factory is built.

"We chose to set up in Mollina as the area is well connected with Malaga, its airport and Seville. The local council has smoothed the way and been very supportive," it explained.

"Our aim is to start building this year," the firm added.

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