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Choking baby saved by quick-thinking policeman in Antequera

Choking baby saved by quick-thinking policeman in Antequera

The two-month-old boy couldn't breathe, showed signs of stiffness and was a purple colour when his parents rushed him to the National Police HQ


Friday, 10 February 2023, 18:31


A National Police officer has helped in a life-threatening situation when a two-month-old baby was rushed to the Antequera police station with difficulty breathing.

The incident happened a few days ago when a couple arrived at station in a state of shock, requesting urgent help for their two-month-old son, who could not breathe and showed signs of stiffness and was a purple hue, the National Police said in a statement.

The on-duty officer immediately assessed the situation, and he asked the baby's father to follow his instructions to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre.

The parent placed his son face down on his forearm and patted him several times between his shoulder blades, which freed the baby's airway, but which remained obstructed.

Once the baby began to breathe, the officer rushed the baby and parents to a local hospital. Thankfully the baby was discharged shortly afterwards.

All indications are that the little boy may have choked on his own mucous after his parents gave him a nasal wash. The parents of the recovered child sent a letter to the police station thanking the officer for his swift action.

This is the second such case at the Antequera police HQ in just a few weeks. Recently another National Police officer performed the Heimlich manoeuvre on a one-year-old girl who was also rushed to the station with difficulty breathing.

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