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Fuente de Piedra homes get their water back

Fuente de Piedra homes get their water back

The new well gets the green light from the regional Health ministry after months of trials and four years of water being delivered by lorry


Wednesday, 12 January 2022, 17:10


Residents of Fuente de Piedra have received a long-awaited gift this new year: the return of drinking water to their homes. After more than four years, families in the town can once again use the water provided by the mains to cook and drink.

The new well and treatment plant, built last year, are now fully operational after several months of trials. The new supply has received the green light from the regional government health authorities, who declared the water as fit for consumption.

"It was a long-awaited project for the local people, and it has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Junta and the Malaga provincial council," said the town's mayor, Siro Pachón.

But despite his happiness, this is not a definitive solution.

"We need to use the water sensibly, because this new well is the only resource we currently have. If we don't look after it, its level will quickly lower and the water quality will worsen. The definitive solution to the Antequera region's drought is the diversion from the Iznájar reservoir."

The new water supply began working on 3 January after two months of trials. The well is 100 metres deep, located in the town's industrial estate. Twelve litres of water can be extracted per second, according to the mayor. A water treatment plant was also built, and the water has now been inspected by health authorities on several occasions.

The well's approval puts an end to four years of using tankers to deliver over 10,000 litres of water to different parts of the municipality every Tuesday and Friday.

The situation arose due to the continuous droughts affecting different wells, which meant that pumps were taking water that was too deep and contained high levels of chloride.

"The situation was worsened by the pandemic, but we can finally say that drinking water has returned to Fuente de Piedra," said the mayor.


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