Dubai company poised to create new 1,200 jobs in Antequera

Dubai company poised to create new 1,200 jobs in Antequera

The manufacturer of smart construction panels rolls out its European expansion plans in Malaga province

Antonio J. Guerrero

Tuesday, 7 March 2023, 16:44


IMZ Holdings is set to create up to 1,200 jobs as part of its expansion in Spain, and further afield, from its new European headquarters on the Antequera Business Park. The Dubai-based multinational has developed a new construction system using 'intelligent panels', which help reduce construction time when building a property, and some 20 million euros have been invested ready for it's opening in a few weeks in Malaga province.

The company is looking for all kinds of professional people related to the construction sector: engineers, quantity surveyors, architects, administrative staff, and labourers. «We want to give opportunities to all people, including those who are traditionally excluded from the labour market due to experience or age,» said Manuel Melero, who heads the division of the Dubai-based company in Malaga province.

A company statement said that its aim to manufacture and put into practice a construction system «much more efficient, faster and cheaper than the traditional one: the construction of the future is already here and starts from Antequera.» The company said it is committed to »offering all the requirements that are essential today: energy efficiency, sustainability, simplicity and speed of construction, money savings and an improvement in insulation levels«.

From the Antequera headquarters, the entire process will be carried out. «It will be here from where all the components of the construction system are manufactured, where the design and support will be performed.»

The comany expects the opening of the headquarters to fall between the end of March and the beginning of April. It already operates in the United States, Argentina, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

For more details and to apply for open positions, applicants are invited to send an email with CV to

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