Campillos town hall. / SUR

Campillos launches neutering campaign for increasing population of stray cats and dogs

The project has been created due to the “worrying” situation in the town, according to the mayor, Diego Lozano


Campillos town hall has launched its first neutering campaign in order to combat the increasing population of stray dogs and cats.

The Protection and Animal Welfare department will develop the programme throughout May and June in collaboration with several veterinary clinics with the aim of alleviating animal abandonment.

The project, which will mean “significant savings” for residents who want to neuter their pets, has been created due to the “worrying” situation in the town, according to the mayor, Diego Lozano.

The campaign also aims to emphasise the benefits that neutering brings to pets. In addition to controlling the overpopulation of abandoned animals, it offers them a longer and healthier life expectancy and reduces the risk of diseases such as testicular and ovarian tumours.

Litters dumped in containers or ditches

The mayor said that in the last five years, 504 animals have been rescued in Campillos, 38 of them puppies. In recent months a “high number” of litters have been found dumped in containers or ditches.

The campaign is part of the CER programme (Capture, Sterilisation and Return) of feral cats employed by the town hall to control the population of strays in the town.

Zero euthanasia

The mayor encouraged residents to participate in the campaign and called for “responsibility and collaboration” to avoid animal abuse and achieve zero euthanasia.

“This situation is the result of the large number of unwanted litters that are produced and of bad practices regarding the uncontrolled breeding of animals, which end up being abandoned in one way or another,” the mayor declared.