Police officers at Antequera hospital this Monday afternoon. A. J. G.
112 incident

Several suffer gunshot injuries after rival clans clash in Malaga province town

A strong police presence guards the hospital in Antequera where six victims were transferred, due to the gathering of crowds of people and the growing tension following the incident

Antonio J. Guerrero / Irene Quirante / Juan Cano

Antequera / Malaga

Monday, 6 May 2024


Several people have been injured in a shooting incident in Antequera. According to sources, at least six people were hospitalised with gunshot injuries, one of whom had to be rushed to the Regional University Hospital of Malaga due to their serious condition, according to the health authorities Apparently, the origin of the incident was a clash between rival clans the town in the north of Malaga province, police sources confirmed to SUR. Initial reports that a woman had been killed have been denied and put down to a source's error.

A burst of gunfire caused panic at around 2.25pm in the Avenida de la Estación in Antequera, when 112 Andalucía emergency service operators received calls from several eyewitnesses alerting them to the shots and requesting the presence of the medical services as several people had been injured in the shooting.

According to sources, the incident involved a large number of people who were allegedly fighting because they belonged to different clans. Everything suggests that, in the middle of the confrontation, one of the parties opened fire on the other.

At the moment, according to SUR sources, four people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in these events.

Health sources have said that six people had to be taken to Antequera Hospital with gunshot wounds, one of them having to be rushed in the 061 air ambulance helicopter to the hospital in Malaga due to the seriousness of their injuries.

The National Police, Guardia Civil and Local Police have maintained a heavy deployment at the Antequera hospital due to the climate of tension and the crowds of people who have gathered there after the shooting incident.

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