Paramedics from the 061 emergency service were among those who rushed to the scene. / sur

Guardia Civil investigate driver for reckless homicide after car smashed into tree in Antequera

One passenger was killed and the other occupants of the car were injured after it left the road and crashed into some olive trees


Guardia Civil traffic officers are investigating a driver for reckless homicide after the car he was driving left the road and crashed into a tree in Antequera in April, killing one of the passengers. They believe the accident could have been caused by reckless driving, as it seems the vehicle was travelling way over the speed limit.

The accident happened on the MA-6414 heading in the Antequera direction at 5.15pm on 8 April, and the 112 Emergency helpline received several calls to report that several people were injured, one of them seriously.

Guardia Civil officers, Local Police and an 061 medical emergency ambulance and helicopter rushed to the scene. They discovered that one of the passengers was dead, and the other three occupants of the vehicle had suffered minor injuries.

The Guardia Civil said the vehicle appeared to have been travelling far faster than the 60 kilometre an hour limit on that stretch of road. It left the road, rolled over several times and finally came to a halt when it crashed into some olive trees.