Riot police in Antequera. Salvador Salas
Farmers' protests

Another tense night in Malaga province as farmers block supermarket distribution depots and a motorway

Riot police were in action again on Thursday night with farmers threatening more protests today

Matías Stuber


Friday, 9 February 2024, 11:42


On Thursday, the third day of the farmers’ protests in Malaga province, the Antequera industrial estate was once again epicentre, where the logistics depots of several large supermarket chains are located. At 6pm, some 300 farmers gathered with the intention of blocking access for lorries again. A National Police riot squad tried to prevent the illegal actions. But by 7pm, the protesters managed to block the accesses to the loading and unloading areas.

After a temporary blockade, the protesters tried again, and then a cat-and-mouse game started. By 8pm, the situation was more or less contained. Still, farmers continued to chant their slogans before the heavens opened with rain.

“We will do whatever it takes, no matter how long. What we are tired of is the situation that we farmers live in, and that we can no longer live off. Two or three more days does not matter,” farmer Manuel Cebrián from Mollina, told SUR. The intention of the farmers is to continue with the demonstrations until they see their demands met. These are the control of the entry of merchandise from outside the European Union, the reduction of bureaucracy and fewer environmental requirements.

Antequera was not the only area in Malaga province that saw protests on Thursday. Farmers and their tractors were also on the streets of Campillos in the afternoon. And protesters also managed to temporarily bring traffic to a halt on the A-92 Seville - Granada motorway with burning tyres which required the intervention of firefighters.

For now, protesters are confident that the transport sector – which has announced a strike – will join its protests on Saturday. Today, Friday, more roadblocks and disruption has been threatened by farmers.

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