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More than 30 people investigated for neglect after 180 animals rescued in raids across Malaga province

More than 30 people investigated for neglect after 180 animals rescued in raids across Malaga province

Horses, goats and dogs were among them, many suffering from injuries and disease, according to Operation Neglectus sources



Thursday, 9 February 2023, 14:27

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Some 33 people are being investigated in various municipalties across Malaga province for the alleged crimes of the mistreatment and/or abandonment of animals.

As part of Operation ‘Neglectus', under the direction of the Malaga Environment Prosecutor's Office, a total of 180 animals including horses, goats and dogs were rescued by Seprona officers, from the animal welfare and nature protection branch of the Guardia Civil.

In most case facilities were found to be in an unhygienic state, with animals living in overcrowded and dangerous accommodation. Many of them had no basic veterinary care, with a large number suffering from wounds, infections and malnutrition. Other animals had allegedly been struck by vehicles resulting in serious injury or even death.

Some of the animals have been re-housed with animal welfare associations and in less serious cases they have remained in the possession of the owners under the supervision and control of the authorities.

The investigation was initiated within the framework of the #yosipuedocontarlo campaign, launched by Seprona Guard against animal abuse and neglect. Its objective is to promote the necessary measures for the protection and well-being of animals and pets and raise awareness among people to report any neglect they are aware of.

During the investigations, close collaboration with the College of Veterinarians in Málaga was obtained, as well as the collaboration and support of some animal protection associations.

In a statement, the Civil Guard said more than 251 actions related to the inspection of private kennels, livestock farms, zoos, and animal shelters have been carried out in which more than 480 alleged offences have been detected. These mainly relate to, a lack of suitability of accommodation, lack of food and water, animal hygiene or lack of veterinary assistance.

They highlighted a case last April in the town of Pizarra, where a person was sentenced to eight months in prison and a sixteen-month ban for the possession of, or any trade related to, animals. The person was found to be keeping twenty-two dogs and five goats permanently tied up, in conditions so deplorable that one of the animals had already died from starvation.

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