The flooded Túron river in Ardales. SUR
Amber severe weather alert issued by Aemet for heavy rain and flooding in Malaga

Amber severe weather alert issued by Aemet for heavy rain and flooding in Malaga

It will specifically affect the Costa del Sol, Valle del Guadalhorce and Serranía de Ronda areas. The rest of the province will be on yellow alert during Wednesday and the weather warnings will remain in place until Thursday


Wednesday, 23 March 2022, 07:59

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Spain’s Meteorological Agency, Aemet, has activated several warnings for heavy rain in Malaga province that will be in force throughout today, 23 March, and that will even extend into Thursday.

From the early hours of this Wednesday there will be an amber level warning activated until midday on Thursday in the Costa del Sol, Serranía de Ronda and Valle del Guadalhorce areas. The forecast is that up 80mm of rain could fall in 12 hours. It will then move to a yellow alert until 8pm on Thursday.

The zones covered by weather warnings this Wednesday, 23 March. AEMET

In the Axarquia and the Antequera areas, meanwhile, the warning will be yellow for up to 20mm of rain in one hour and an accumulation of up to 60mm in 12 hours. In addition, the yellow warning will be maintained for rough seas and high waves in the Axarquia, Costa del Sol and Guadalhorce weather forecasting zones, also until 8pm.

For this Wednesday, Aemet forecasts cloudy or overcast skies in Malaga, with widespread, strong and persistent showers, which could occasionally be accompanied by storms, which in the western half of the province can be very strong.

Temperatures will be on the rise in the eastern half, and unchanged in the rest. The winds will blow from the east, and will be occasionally very strong along the western coast in the morning.

In addition, an isolated cold storm that is forecast be located in the Gulf of Cádiz on Thursday could once again favour the arrival of a calima haze (sand and dust from the Sahara) into Andalucía and, with it, the dreaded ‘muddy’ rain that affected a good part of Spain last week, according to José Luis Escudero on his SUR blog Tomentas y Rayos.

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