Check in desks at Malaga Airport. / SUR

Malaga Airport braces itself for almost 2,000 flights this weekend ahead of August holiday rush

Aena data confirms the recovery of international tourism on the Costa del Sol as some 1,564 of the flights involve foreign connections

Pilar Martínez

Malaga Airport is to have one of its busiest weekends of the year, as holidaymakers fly in for August holidays. A total of 1,935 planes will land and take off from Friday, 29 July, until Monday, 1 August. That figure is only six per cent less than in the same period before the coronavirus crisis when there were 2,035 flights, which equates to 94 per cent of the operations of 2019.

Friday will be the busiest day, with 498 aircraft expected to fly to or from the Costa del Sol. On Saturday there are 497 flights scheduled, according to the data from airport operator Aena. On Sunday, there are expected to be 484 flights and, on Monday, 458 flights.

Aena data confirms the recovery of international tourism. Of the 1,935 flights scheduled for this weekend, a total of 1,564 are flights with international connections. Only 373 operations have Spanish airports as their origin or destination. The figures for Saturday stand out, with a total of 423 international flights.