Aemet extends heavy rain warning in Malaga until midnight, after more than 130mm fell yesterday

Aemet extends heavy rain warning in Malaga until midnight, after more than 130mm fell yesterday

The amber weather warning was stood down at 9am this Wednesday morning, and a yellow ‘risk’ alert has replaced it for the remainder of the day



Wednesday, 8 February 2023, 10:16

Local people call the weather phenomenon the 'Malagueño monsoon', when heavy rain clouds remain stationary and at a very specific point. And that is what happened on Tuesday, 7 February, when downpours hit the Guadalhorce valley and inland parts of the Costa del Sol. However, no serious incidents were reported by the 112 Andalucía emergency service coordination centre.

The forecast is that the heavy rains will continue throughout the day today, according to the Aemet weather agency in Malaga. The amber warning in place since yesterday was deactivated at 9am this morning, but a yellow warning for rain in Costa del Sol and Valle del Guadalhorce has replaced it until midnight this Wednesday, given the prediction of 15mm of rain falling in one hour and 40mm in a 12-hour period.

Yesterday, the heaviest rains were mainly concentrated in the Guadalhorce valley and the Sierra de Mijas, and today they are expected to be more intense in the heart of the Costa del Sol and inland.

More than 130mm

Starting at midnight on Monday and throughout Tuesday, more than 136mm of rain were recorded in Alhaurín el Grande, by an amateur on the Meteoclimatic platform. It is unofficial data, but it gives a clear idea of ​​the magnitude of the downpour.

Meanwhile, in Ojén and Cártama there are official pluviometers that are managed by the Hidrosur network of the Junta de Andalucía which exceeded 120 and 100 mm, respectively. In the Fahala river, also in Alhaurín el Grande, 86mm were collected; more than 85 in the Sierra de Mijas and 66mm in Coín. In all cases, they were the wettest points in Andalucía on Tuesday.

In the Malaga city area, in Los Montes de Málaga it reached 21mm in Santón Pitar; 12mm on Paseo de la Farola, next to the Port and similar numbers in El Limonero, Casasola and El Atabal, according to the same sources.

Reservoir levels

As expected, yesterday the rain fronts barely touched the Axarquía region, and the La Viñuela reservoir, which is the one with the lowest level water reserves, barely received a light shower of 5mm. In La Concepción, which supplies the Costa del Sol, 10mm were collected; and around 4mm in the three of the Guadalhorce-Guadalteba system reservoirs.

The Costa del Sol reservoir is the one in the best situation, at 71% of its capacity, with almost 41 cubic hectometres. The level is not worrisome in Guadalteba either, which mainly supplies the capital, at 54.5%. At the other extreme, the large Axarquía reservoir barely contains 18 Hm3, just 11% of its capacity.

Weekend outlook

Looking ahead to the weekend, from Thursday until Saturday, a maritime storm will take over, with a yellow warning activated for tomorrow, 9 February, due to easterly winds of 50 to 60 km/h (force 7) and waves of 3 to 4 metres.




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