Belgian technology firm Adessa expects to have 200 employees in Malaga by 2023

Adessa staff in their new office in Malaga.
Adessa staff in their new office in Malaga. / MARCOS ÁLVAREZ
  • The company, which digitalises human resources processes for major multinationals, has tripled its staff and is expanding rapidly

Engineer Alejandro Arco was fed up with the grey Belgian climate and began to long for the sunshine and life of southern Spain. He had been working in Brussels for several years for Adessa, a technology consultancy specialising in digitalising human resources processes for clients such as BNP Paribas and Nestlé, when he decided to propose that the company open an office in Spain. And not in Madrid or Barcelona, either, but in the south. He convinced his bosses that Malaga was the place to choose because it offers moderate labour and office costs, universities with good technical courses, and a top level international airport.

In 2015, Arco brought a small team of three people to BIC Euronova, the PTA's business incubator, with the mission of opening Adessa Iberia, responsible for supporting clients all over Europe. "We were entrepreneurs within the company, and they gave us a lot of independence," he says.

For the first five years, the Malaga office of this software company grew very gradually. By early 2020 there were 18 employees. But last March, Adessa was bought by SD Worx, a Belgian multinational specialising in payroll management that wanted to complete its range of services within the field of human resources outsourcing.

Since then, Adessa has more than tripled its staff in Malaga. There are 66 at present, and the aim is to have 200 people working there by 2023.

Being part of SD Worx has vastly increased Adessa's clients and its range of services. "We didn't do payroll management before but now we do, and we have clients like Nike and Telefónica", says Arco.

SD Worx is expanding in Europe and has just opened a subsidiary in Spain and Portugal. The increased business since last year is reflected by Adessa Iberia's turnover, which will be about three million euros in 2021. It will also be opening an office in Granada soon, where it is confident of attracting talented new employees. Alejandro Arco has found his sunshine, and much more besides.