Cuevas Bajas, Malaga city and Ronda have the most Covid-19 cases per capita

Cuevas Bajas, Malaga city and Ronda  have the most Covid-19 cases per capita
  • The regional Health authority released figures broken down by town or village for the first time this week; 37 have no cases

The city of Malaga, is, for obvious reasons, the municipality with the highest number of cases of coronavirus in the province. On Monday this figure was 1,671, around half of the provincial total of 3,076.

However, when the number of cases is looked at in relation to the population size, there's one village that appears right at the top of the Covid-19 infection list: Cuevas Bajas. Figures released on Monday revealed 16 confirmed cases of the virus in this municipality in the north-east of the province, with 1,395 inhabitants. This makes its infection rate 11.47 cases per 1,000 inhabitants. The average per capita rate for the province of Malaga is 1.83.

Cuevas Bajas has three times as many confirmed cases as, for example, Torrox, which has ten times its population.

Less surprisingly, Malaga city is second on the list of municipalities with the most cases per capita - 2.9 for every 1,000 inhabitants.

Cuevas Bajas.

Cuevas Bajas. / S. SALAS

Third on the list is Ronda, with 2.86. The town has seen a higher rate of Covid-19, with more confirmed cases than places with twice its population, such as Estepona or Mijas.

Looking at the figures for the towns with more than 20,000 inhabitants, Nerja has the lowest number of infections with just seven cases registered.

It is followed by Estepona, with 45 confirmed cases, giving a rate of 0.6 cases per thousand inhabitants.

Mijas and Fuengirola are almost equal with per capita rates of 0.71 and 0.72. Monday's figures showed 59 cases in Mijas and 58 in Fuengirola.

At the other end of the scale are the 37 towns and villages in Malaga province that are, at least according to the official statistics released on Monday, coronavirus-free.

These are mainly villages in inland areas, and make up a third of the province's 103 municipal areas. The biggest place with no recorded cases is Cómpeta, with a population of 3,922.

The regional Health authority also published the Covid-19 death figures broken down by municipality on Monday.

The highest number is in Malaga city, with 133 deaths related to Covid-19. In Marbella, where on Monday 223 cases had been counted, 13 people have died.

The third town in the province with the most deaths on Monday was Ronda, despite being 12th in terms of population size. Eleven people with Covid-19 have died there.

Meanwhile at the other end of the scale is Mijas, where, despite being the third most populated town in the province with 83,000 inhabitants, only three coronavirus-related deaths have been registered. Similarly in Fuengirola two people have died, out of a population of 80,000.

Seventy of the 103 municipalities in Malaga province - two thirds of the total - had no Covid-19 deaths registered on Monday. Among them are two towns with more than 15,000 inhabitants: Torrox and Manilva.

Mortality rate

The coronavirus death rate varies greatly among municipalities and is not a reliable figure in very small towns and villages.

In Malaga city on Monday 7.96% of patients who tested positive for Covid-19 had died. Among the large towns, the highest death rates have been registered in Nerja, Antequera, Ronda and Alhaurín el Grande, where it is above 10%.

Fuengirola and Mijas have the lowest death rate among he large towns, with 3.45% and 5.1% respectively.

The number of cases and deaths among residents in care homes for the elderly were also released earlier this week. A fifth of all coronavirus-related deaths in Malaga province were care home residents, that is, 49 of a total of 250.

So far 418 cases of infection have been counted among care home residents, 13.6% of the total. In Malaga the disease hasn't spread as fiercely in care homes as it has in other Andalusian provinces such as Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

Healthcare workers

The introduction of mass testing in hospitals and health centres across Andalucía has revealed dozens of cases over the last few days. Between Wednesday last week and Monday, the number of infected health workers in Malaga province went up from 606 to 676. This is 22% of the total infections and the highest number of cases among professionals in the region.