Estepona town hall plants over 16,000 trees in seven years as part of its green plan

An Estepona park.
An Estepona park. / C. M.
  • Green space in the town has gone from 498,000 square metres to almost a million since 2012

The town hall in Estepona has a plan, the 'Plan Árbol' (tree plan), and since it started in 2012, 16,423 trees have been put in the ground to promote a more sustainable way of life in the town. In 2019 alone, the council planted 4,123, mostly shady, deciduous trees, including tipuanas, jacarandas, ficus, cypresses, poplars and pines, as well as palms.

Since 2012, the amount of public green space has increased from 498,000 square metres to almost a million.

Councillor for Services, Blas Ruzafa, explained that the tree planting had made Estepona "a much more liveable place, bringing added benefits such as cleaner air, absorbing polluting smells and gases."

The plan has also helped save water as trees help reduce evaporation from land or stop soil erosion and cut down on runoff, among other benefits.

The councillor said that 'Plan Árbol' "doesn't just mean adding beauty to different parts of the town, but has lots of other advantages like increased oxygenation, which softens temperatures and depollutes".

In addition, Ruzafa said the town hall is continuing its initiative to let children sponsor a tree, to teach them about the importance of protecting the environmemt.

The councillor pointed out that thousands of plants, shrubs and flowers had also been planted as part of the Estepona, Garden of the Costa project, another flagship project of the town hall.