Marbella escapes weekend rain but sees disruption from cloudburst on Tuesday

  • The clear-up operation is still under way after the storm damage two weeks ago

There was relief in Marbella when the town missed the heavy rain that hit Estepona and inland areas last Sunday, as the clear-up operation is still under way here after storm damage two weeks ago.

Fast-moving repair work had been going on to some local roads, access routes into the town and along the seafront which were most affected by rain earlier this month. The council has allocated one million euros of emergency funding for repairs which need to be completed in a month.

Work is also going on on the beaches which lost a lot of sand and have damaged beach bars and walkways.

However work was abruptly halted on Tuesday morning when a sudden and violent downpour flooded streets in the centre of the town within just half an hour. Around 30mm fell in that time, said meteorologists.

Locals were taken by surprise as the intense rain hadn't been forecast and the council called a crisis meeting to deal with the waterlogged streets, which were in well-known flooding blackspots. Traffic into and out of Marbella was slow-moving for a while as local access roads became congested once again.