La Línea drug lord, who appeared in recent reggaeton video, hands himself into police

Francisco Tejón 'Isco'.
Francisco Tejón 'Isco'. / SUR
  • Isco had been wanted by the authorities since November 2016

Francisco Tejón, also known as 'Isco', was until Wednesday the authorities' most wanted man in the Campo de Gibraltar area. The head of the notorious Los Castaña drug gang handed himself in to police close to his home in La Línea de la Concepción as part of an arrangement organised by his team of lawyers. His arrest, as well as that of his brother Antonio in July, means that the organisation, the largest responsible for bringing hashish into Europe, is now leaderless.

Isco had been wanted by the authorities since November 2016 after he managed to escape arrest and fled to Morocco with his brother. In Morocco, a number of his family members were arrested, including his brother, but he was released after an administrative error in the extradition order.

Police investigations recently tracked Isco back to La Línea which was his comfort zone where, protected by family members, he first ventured into the criminal underworld, stealing tobacco from smugglers then later realising that hashish could be a lot more profitable.

Despite an apparent air of impunity which led him to appear in a recent reggaeton video filmed by Cuban band Class A, Isco already knew that the police were closing in on him so set about negotiating terms for turning himself in.

As part of the deal, police took him into custody close to his home and took him straight to court, rather than prison. Having already heard of the news, family members and close friends gathered outside the court to show their support.

Isco will face three charges: drug trafficking, money laundering and belonging to a criminal organisation.

Police sources have denied that any deal had been reached beforehand.