Andalucía mourns two more domestic violence victims

  • Two women were killed by former partners in Úbeda and Maracena in the space of a week

Locals gathered outside the town hall in Úbeda, Jaén province, last weekend, to remember a victim of domestic violence in the town. The 41-year-old, Sarayma, is believed to have been killed by her 51-year-old former partner who is from Osuna in Seville. The couple had had two children of four and 13 years together.

Speaking at the memorial, the 20-year-old eldest daughter of the dead woman, from another partner, made an emotional plea. "I only ask that justice is done, and that women who are going through the same thing don't keep quiet , that they demonstrate, that they unite and ask for help, because there shouldn't be any more deaths."

On Tuesday a further knife attack resulted in another death through domestic violence in Maracena, outside Granada. Neighbours heard cries of "I'm being killed" at 9.45am before silence.

Nuria, 39, was found dead and a man arrested at the scene. He is her former husband and the divorce had only come through the day before.

During two years of separation the couple had been living in the same flat despite the woman's pleas to be rehoused, according to her father.

Their 11-year-old son was at school at the time.