Residents' anger at noisy bars in Puerto Marina and council 'inaction'

Residents' anger at noisy bars in Puerto Marina and council 'inaction'
  • Noise problems are nothing new in the area; in 2015 the council was told to pay compensation and the first complaints started as far back as 1998

Residents in the apartments around Benalmádena's Puerto Marina complex are complaining about noise levels from local bars and restaurants.

In the last two weeks at least ten complaints have been made to Benalmádena council, with requests for more Local Police action ahead of possible court action.

It marks a return to a stand off between residents, businesses and the council last seen in 2015.

One of those reportedly affected by the noise said, "There's bars and restaurants that don't stick to the set time to close their terraces, and others don't even have permission. It's impossible to sleep. We call the [town-hall-controlled] Local Police and the music is turned off, but then they put it on again."

Those affected say that the situation is worse in summer when the leisure port turns into one of the only local areas with nightclubs.

"We can't get to sleep, it's affecting our health. We can't understand how a business premises can be both a nightclub and a restaurant," said another resident who has lodged a complaint.

Town hall "inaction"

The town hall says that police patrols are made every night and that officers have responded to complaints with warnings and fines. However some residents claim that the police "sometimes haven't done anything despite getting calls in the middle of the night".

The town hall also explained that some commercial premises in Puerto Marina have permission to stay open until 6am as they have a nightclub licence.

Noise problems are nothing new in Puerto Marina. In 2015 Andalucía's highest court told the council to pay compensation to residents in the blocks surrounding the port for excessive noise levels. The first complaints go back to 1998, when residents presented medical reports to prove that the noise was affecting their health.