Mayor of Marbella announces that local taxes, including IBI, will fall in 2019

Ángeles Muñoz.
Ángeles Muñoz. / SUR
  • The PP mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, said the reduction in local taxation will be offset with increased income from EU development funds

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has announced that municipal taxes, including the IBI, and local council fees will be lowered in 2019. It is expected that, despite the reductions, the council will see an increase in income next year.

The PP mayor made the announcement in the 'State of the Town' council meeting held on Thursday morning. Muñoz gave a positive assessment of her leadership in the nine months since she took over from the three-way coalition led by the PSOE party.

Among the initiatives announced by the mayor was the reduction in local taxation that will be offset with increased income from EU development funds, some 15 million euros, and further grants of 10 million euros. Both will be added into the 2019 budget which the mayor plans to approve as early as possible.

The mayor added that ongoing challenges for the council include ensuring public money lost in past corruption scandals is returned and the waiting time for planning applications is reduced.