Two dead and two hospitalised after brawl breaks out between families in Coín

30 Guardia Civil officers were deployed in the area following Thursday's mass brawl.
30 Guardia Civil officers were deployed in the area following Thursday's mass brawl. / SUR
  • Numerous calls were made to the police on Thursday afternoon as shocked residents of Fuensanta witnessed the fight

The Guardia Civil deployed a team of over 30 men to Coín after a mass brawl broke out Thursday afternoon between two gypsy families in the neighbourhood of Fuensanta. Two men from one clan, who are known as "Los Mudos", aged 63 and 50, were killed, while two men, both from separate clans, remain in hospital suffering from knife wounds.

Three men were arrested on Friday in connection with the incident. According to locals, the families have a history of conflicts with one another.

The brawl has left four cars and one house in the area damaged and several rubbish bins were set on fire. Witnesses saw the use of knives and bats, with some claiming to have seen guns, although these were not used.

The police were deployed last night to prevent further fights from breaking out. The agents raided the home of one of the families, which was practically destroyed, and decided to put the families of the men involved under police protection.

Residents of Coín described Thursday's events as a "horror", while the families of the fighters said they do not understand what happened. It is believed that it was not the families' intentions for the fight to be so violent and fatal.

"The fight was meant to be trivial, one of the 'muos' [member of 'Los Mudos'] was out of line and began insulting people. He insulted one of the kids and they killed him. Things got heated, there was lots of pain and rage," said the local pastor, Bernabé Hernández.