Costa councils urged to use water from sewage works on parks and streets

A file photo of street washing in Marbella.
A file photo of street washing in Marbella. / Josele-Lanza
  • The move needs approval from the regional government and comes as a lack of rain is putting pressure on local water supplies

The company responsible for water distribution on the western Costa del Sol is seeking the agreement of local councils for them to use treated water from sewage works to water their parks and gardens and to wash the streets.

Acosol, a publicly owned company, wants to extend a deal recently reached with Marbella that sees the district council there buying the recycled wastewater to use and comes as the Costa faces an increasing risk of an official drought warning owing to the lack of rain.

The company says that currently two thirds of the water that is treated in sewage plants is then pumped straight into the sea while the rest is used to water the area's golf courses - in all 45 courses are kept green this way. It adds that some 30 kilometres of pipes already exist to pump the unused water directly to local municipalities, while for those not yet connected, a tanker collection service would be provided in the meantime.

Earlier this autumn Marbella council became the first in the area served by Acosol to agree to use recycled water on its parks and gardens, although it is hoped that the agreement can be extended to include the washing down of streets.

The company has asked permission from the regional ministry for the Environment to roll out its idea to other council areas.

Acosol serves all coastal municipalities from Manilva to Torremolinos and the use of the wastewater could see a reduction in council bills.