Ángeles Muñoz back as mayor of Marbella

Ángeles Muñoz on Tuesday morning.
Ángeles Muñoz on Tuesday morning.
  • The no confidence motion in the Socialist-led coalition went through on Tuesday with the votes of the Partido Popular and the independent San Pedro group

Ángeles Muñoz is back as mayor of Marbella. The local president of the Partido Popular (PP) has regained the post she occupied for two consecutive legislative terms (2007-2011 and 2011-2015) after the success on Tuesday of the no confidence motion proposed earlier in August by the PP and Opción Sampedreña (OSP).

The two councillors representing OSP, an independent group focusing on the interests of San Pedro Alcántara, until now formed part of the ruling coalition with the PSOE Socialist party and left-wing group Izquierda Unida. Today their joining forces with the PP provided 15 votes in favour of the motion (PP-13 and OSP-2) and 12 against (PSOE-8, Costa del Sol Sí Puede-Podemos-2 and IU-2).

The new local government therefore will have the overall majority needed to govern during the 21 months that remain before the next local elections. This is more than the minority government of the last two years led by Socialist mayor José Bernal had; with only 12 councillors the coalition relied on the Podemos councillors to approve projects.

In her speech on Tuesday morning Ángeles Muñoz stressed that the PP-OSP agreement guaranteed stability and stated that the ideology of the new local government will be "one of common sense and good management".