Blanca Paloma and her dancers at a dress rehearsal in Liverpool. AFP

Watch as Blanca Paloma is all set to represent Spain at Eurovision in Liverpool

The lyrics of her flamenco fusion song are inspired by the poet Federico García Lorca, Andalusian folklore and Seville

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Friday, 12 May 2023, 10:52


Blanca Paloma is representing Spain at Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest final in Liverpool with her song Eaea.

During rehearsals ahead of the big night, the 33-year-old singer from Elche (Alicante province) said "It has been wonderful, like singing at home".

Eaea is a flamenco-electronic fusion song that starts with a chorus of the famous flamenco chant 'olé' and there is an allusion to Blanca Paloma's grandmother who is from Seville.

The lyrics refer to the poems of Federico García Lorca who was from Granada and a folkloric Hijo de la Luna (son of the moon) adds to the atmosphere.

The song tells the story of a mother who wishes to watch over her son from the moon every night, "except one", that is, the night of his death and Carmen, Spain's famous femme fatale, is the inspiration behind Blanca Paloma's makeup and costume.

Spain automatically has a place in the finals as it belongs to the so-called Eurovision 'Big Five'; the group of countries that make the biggest financial contributions to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), with Germany, France, the UK and Italy.

Ukraine, which won last year's contest, also automatically goes through to the finals.

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