A view of the spa of Archena, Murcia. Balneario de Archena
A journey around the spas of Spain

A journey around the spas of Spain

The chance to relax and revitalise body and mind is often among the most important criteria when it comes to choosing a holiday destination

Marta Aguilera

Friday, 26 January 2024, 19:17


With more than 100 spas around the country, Spain has become a popular destination for wellness tourism. Bathing in thermal waters followed by fine dining and the chance to relax is a holiday plan few would turn down. Combine this with exploring cultural attractions and beautiful countryside and the offer is even more attractive.

Spain is a paradise when it comes to spa tourism and the locations are in a variety of regions and landscapes, from the thermal waters hidden in the forests of Galicia to the luxury spas along the Mediterranean Costas. While there's no need to leave Andalucía to find the perfect spa experience, it is worth exploring what the rest of the country has to offer.

Balneario de Puente Viesgo

Located in the green and peaceful landscape of Cantabria, the Balneario de Puente Viesgo is an oasis of tranquillity and well-being where visitors enjoy a wide variety of treatments and thermal spa circuits.

Surrounded by the lush vegetation of the northern Spanish region, Puente Viesgo does not just offer a relaxing spa experience, but is also a good starting point to explore the beauty of Cantabria, such as the famous Monte Castillo caves. This is one of the most important sites for cave paintings in Spain and the spa pays tribute to that by recreating one of the caves in its thermal circuit.

The Balneario de Puente Viesgo offers the visitor a unique experience where wellness and history unite in perfect harmony.

Balneario de Panticosa

In the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees and located 1,636 metres above sea level, the Balneario de Panticosa is a gem of wellness tourism. The historic spa, surrounded by impressive mountains and pristine waters, is also a meeting point for lovers of nature and adventure.

During the winter, it is an ideal base camp for snow sports enthusiasts and, during the summer, footpaths lure walkers to explore the beauty of the Tena Valley and Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido. The fusion of wellness treatments with open air activities provides a unique experience to visitors, who can relax in thermal waters after a day's hiking.

Balneario de Archena

Located in the Ricote Valley just 24 kilometres from Murcia is the Balneario de Archena. It is one of Europe's most visited thermal spa complexes, and a living testimony to the long tradition of therapeutic baths in southeast Spain.

With medicinal mineral waters flowing at a constant temperature of 52C, Archena is the ideal destination for those looking to switch off in surroundings of natural beauty. In a landscape of palm trees and mountains, the spa offers a wellness break in a historical setting.

Balneario de Mondariz

Since it opened in 1873, the Balneario de Mondariz near Pontevedra, Galicia, has become one of the icons of health and wellness tourism in Spain. Surrounded by forests and rivers, it is an oasis of tranquillity, where history meets nature.

The combination of healing waters, historical architecture and surroundings of great ecological and natural beauty makes Mondariz a unique destination. Famous for the therapeutic qualities of its waters, it has attracted visitors from all over the world.

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