Monica Iriarte with some of the dolls. SUR
'Reborn' dolls at an exhibition in Marbella

'Reborn' dolls at an exhibition in Marbella

Over 180 of these realistic looking dolls were in the exhibition which included newborn babies up to toddlers



Friday, 8 April 2022, 11:33


Fans of hyperrealistic dolls, better known as 'reborn' babies, gathered in Marbella last weekend at the first exhibition of 'reborn' in the town, orchestrated by the "rebonista" Monica Iriarte.

Eighteen Spanish women who specialise in Art Reborn took part and exhibited their creations over two days to fans, collectors and the curious at the NH Hotel in Marbella.

On each stand were a dozen different dolls simulating children and newborns. They carried various expressions, some were smiling, others looking affable; there were blondes, brunettes and some with no hair; blue and brown-eyed dolls.



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