Whatever happens, buying a house in Málaga is the best investment

Whatever happens, buying a house in Málaga is the best investment

Thursday, 10 March 2022, 18:41

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If we stop to think about what we have experienced in recent years, our minds may turn to problems, crises, wars… Clearly we are not living through a ‘golden age’, but it is also true that nothing and no-one can take away our right to dream. We have experienced a shift in our understanding of life. Two years ago, a global pandemic changed our lives and even our priorities and showed us the importance of the little things in life. Never before had we been forced to spend so much time at home - and this led many people to considering upping sticks, renovating their home to adapt it to their real needs, or even buying a holiday home with more outside space to spend long periods in.

Working from home contributed greatly to changing our approach to everyday life. Gilmar Real Estate experienced this transformation with its customers. We were keen to dig down on what this process has involved and what it meant for thousands of people, especially in relation to the property business, which was also forced to pivot to the new situation, implementing technological solutions to facilitate house information, purchase and sales processes. Many people reached out to Gilmar Real Estate thanks to the reassurance, security and trust this Spanish firm provided, having spent almost 40 years proving to hundreds of thousands of customers that they were right to choose it to sell, buy or rent their home.

Gilmar chief executives Jesús Gil Marín and Manuel Marrón tell us that, after so long in the game, they can successfully deliver on the needs of any customer profile. This Spanish property leader has offices in the region of Madrid, Andalusia and on the Canary Islands. Its professionals specialise in new-build and second-hand homes, rentals, offices, unique buildings, land, rural properties, investment funds and family offices. It even boasts a free mortgage management service that finds the best option for each person in line with their financial situation when obtaining a mortgage. Gilmar completes its service offering with an aftersales service that helps customers find all the services they need for their new property: renovations, alarms, landscaping, removals… whatever it takes.

“In addition -and this is something not all companies offer- we think we stand out for the exquisite custom care provided by each member of the large Gilmar family. Five years ago we began to roll out cutting-edge technologies in our marketing tools that let clients ‘visit’ a home from anywhere in the world with real-time images and a unique user experience,” the two men said.

“But despite all the technology we can onboard, what has always set us apart is that behind all this is an expert who knows how to help everyone who puts their trust in Gilmar, providing the security and peace of mind they need in something that, for the vast majority of people, is the biggest investment of their lives.”

All business sectors had it tough during this unprecedented global situation. “In the case of the real estate sector,” said Jesús Gil, “we were limited by constraints on movement. Even with the best technology, a buyer will always want to visit their future home in person; step into it, smell it… and that wasn’t possible for months.”

Safe as houses

This is not the first crisis Spain has faced and the real-estate sector has shown it has always been part of the solution to any economic or social concern. As a country, Spain continues to offer the legal certainty that foreign buyers demand, and the Costa del Sol in particular remains a global standard for quality of life, infrastructure and services.

“Housing has been the ‘bank’ of the Spanish. A home is an asset you can sell, rent, inherit, donate or even put up as collateral in certain financial situations. Property never fails. Even knowing other investment options, it is part of the culture in Spanish society to put your faith in housing. We were, are and will continue to be part of the solution,” Jesús Gil said.

“We have the opportunity to show that Spain offers the comfort, the services and infrastructures and the quality of life that the citizens of any country in the world need. That is why we call on the government to pave the way by offering the business community and foreign investors the necessary legal and social security,” said Manuel Marrón.

As for the future, the two experts agree that housing is a vital necessity. Whatever happens, we all need somewhere to live. “It is both a housing solution and an economic haven. We are therefore confident that we will always have work. The real-estate industry has changed vastly in recent decades and will continue to evolve.”

Buyers have much more information and are far more knowledgeable than before. “Demand levels grow over time and industry businesses need to stay ahead of the curve and show we can give customers what they want: security, trust and peace of mind. If we can do that, the industry will always have a positive future -and we will be there, keen to help make people a little happier and find them their dream home.”

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