Smarty Homes, a smart real estate agency that seeks digital solutions

Smarty Homes, a smart real estate agency that seeks digital solutions

The company, which combines an innovative project with the experience of its team, relies on state-of-the-art tools to help its clients make the best decisions

Wednesday, 18 January 2023, 18:45


Technology is changing the way we see our day-to-day lives, the way we relate to each other and the way we consume. It makes it easier for us to 'transport' ourselves at the click of a button, and to discover all the practical information we need to make the best decisions.

Born of this technological revolution is Smarty Homes, a '3.0 real estate agency' that offers intelligent solutions adapted to each client's needs.

Despite its recent creation, there is a team of professionals with extensive experience behind this project, led by Juan Manuel Leiva, CEO of the company. As he explains, the company's aim is to make things easier for buyers and sellers with an added value that transforms homes into "100% immersive" situations.

This is materialised in three pillars: cutting-edge technology, personalised attention and differentiating services within the real estate sector.

The benefits the company offers buyers include personalised advice - including legal aspects and financial management - negotiation work and a portfolio of properties selected on the basis of demanding criteria and priced according to demand. "We not only evaluate the specific needs of each client and locate the properties that meet these specifications, but we also study them in depth in order to make the right decision before launching the purchase offer," explains the CEO. A close and professional assistance that is maintained throughout the entire purchase process.

For their part, sellers will find in Smarty Homes the best platform for promoting their properties, with the possibility of premium services such as professional photography, top quality rendering and home tours, or effective home staging techniques to improve the user experience and facilitate the buying and selling process. In addition to this, they offer valuation and digital marketing tools to help in the decision making process.

Moreover, in both cases they have a team of architects, construction professionals and decorators to turn every project into a reality.

All of this without leaving aside the personal aspect, which is fundamental for the company. "We are aware that the digital world is ephemeral and requires human capital to support it, especially in real estate, which is based on trust," says Leiva.

Smarty Homes focuses its area of activity mainly on the Costa del Sol in Málaga, and 70% of its portfolio currently consists of new-build properties for which it is collaborating in the marketing. These include not only homes but also estates, plots, commercial premises and villas.

All this with the security and confidence of belonging to Grupo MEI, the benchmark Málaga holding company in the province's productive fabric.

The firm is currently in the process of expanding its workforce and also in attracting properties and real estate developments that wish to join its pioneering system of sales through free valuations.

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Smarty Homes

Av. de Los Vegas 19, Málaga

+34 601 65 54 99

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