Classical guitarist Dmitry Zagumennikov is in Andalucía this month. SUR
Guitar music inspired by Spanish authors and composers

Guitar music inspired by Spanish authors and composers

Dmitry Zagumennikov is travelling to Spain where he will be spending two months and is giving a concert at El Molino de Cajiz on 28 October

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Friday, 20 October 2023, 16:22

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An internationally renowned guitarist based in Berlin is giving a one-off concert at El Molino de Cajiz (Vélez-Málaga) on 28 October. Dmitry Zagumennikov, 36, will perform at the mill during a two-month stay in Andalucía, a part of Spain he knows well and travels to whenever he has the opportunity.

The classical guitarist was born in Yuryevets, a town on the Volga River around 400 kilometres northwest of Moscow, which, he points out, was also the birthplace of filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky.

Dmitry first discovered his interest in guitars when he came across an instrument at home when he was about 11 years old. The instrument had belonged to a friend of the family and was a seven-string Russian guitar.

However, Dmitry reveals that he had to do some work to it before he could start playing it. "It had travelled and was covered in stickers of women. I had to sandpaper the stickers off and then paint it before I could use it," he laughs.

As luck would have it, a neighbour was a guitar teacher and after the young Dmitry heard him perform "a simple piece by Bach", he was fascinated and eager to learn from his neighbour. He started having guitar lessons and showed such talent that he went on to study music and guitar at Schnittke Music College and later at the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow.

In 2012 Dmitry moved to Austria to study at the Art University in Graz and he has been living in Berlin since 2014, where he did a Master's degree at the Hans Eisler University of Music.

Dmitry explains that he has "been recognised in several international guitar competitions in France, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, and Greece" and adds, "I have had the opportunity to perform in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States."


In fact the musician reveals that he is currently rereading Don Quijote, "a book that has always been a significant source of inspiration".

When asked about a particular composer that stands out for him, he answers, "While I certainly learn [from and] admire many people who are masters of their chosen fields, there are too many to mention them all."

As for the concert at El Molino, Dmitry says that it was a mutual friend who put him in touch with Cornelia Lezin, who owns the converted mill.

He has put together a programme with music that "represents the classical guitar in its diversity", from pieces by the Spanish composer and classical guitarist Fernando Sor to music written in the 20th century by composers including Heitor Villa-Lobos and Joaquin Rodrigo.

He will also be performing music by the Paraguayan composer Augustín Barrios and some of his own arrangements of piano music by Isaac Albéniz and Erik Satie.

Going hand-in-hand with music, Dmitry is a linguist too and speaks fluent English as well as Russian of course, German and some Spanish.

While he's not making or teaching music, Dmitry says he enjoys travelling, playing chess, walking "and of course, a good sleep is very essential".

Dmitry's music can be found on Spotify under his own recording label, D8 Classic and he has his own YouTube channel.

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