Aurèlie Dias with a poster of her next fundraising event. SUR
Aurèlie Dias conquering mountains for charity

Aurèlie Dias conquering mountains for charity

The twelve-year-old Benahavís girl is planning to paraglide off the top of a mountain to raise money for a family friend who has rheumatoid arthritis

Anthony Piovesan


Friday, 17 November 2023, 14:32


Last year she climbed a mountain, now this year 12-year-old Aurèlie Dias is going to jump off one, with a kite of course.

The brave Benahavís girl set herself the challenge to paraglide off the top of a mountain in Algodonales in Cadiz province in a bid to raise funds for her family friend Sarah, who is plagued with health issues caused by her rheumatoid arthritis.

Sarah is in constant pain and is unable to get free medical help in South Africa, where she is from, Aurèlie pointed out. "Although Sarah and her partner both work, they are unable to cover the constant medical bills due to her illness," she told SUR in English.

"Sarah's health has recently taken a turn for the worse, when after a stay in hospital in September this year, Sarah was diagnosed with heart failure. This was devastating news as Sarah is already dealing with so much, and is unable to take her rheumatoid arthritis medication while taking the medicine for her heart."

In 2022, Aurèlie climbed 1,215 metres to the top of La Concha mountain in Marbella and raised 2,500 euros from the seven-hour feat.

She is hoping to raise 3,000 euros this year to help Sarah and her family with her rising medical costs.

"Aurèlie is now 12 and is continuing to try and make a difference to Sarah's life," Aurèlie's mother Alison Dias said.

"Sarah will never recover from her debilitating illnesses, but these challenges help make her smile, and the funds raised will go towards the constant medical treatments that Sarah needs.

"One day we hope to fundraise for an off road mobility vehicle so Sarah is able to get around a bit," Alison added

Aurèlie will complete the challenge either on 24, 25 or 26 November, depending on weather conditions and if they are fit for paragliding. You can donate to the cause at

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