Malaga took centre stage at the World Travel Market, as a 360º City with endless ways to experience and enjoy it. SUR
Malaga city, a 'perfect place' that offers new experiences

Malaga city, a 'perfect place' that offers new experiences

Visitors get more out of their stay in this city where holidays can focus on shopping, language-learning, luxury facilities, sports tourism and food and wine



Wednesday, 9 November 2022, 19:35


In Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, the British have become one of city's main supports in its recuperation as a tourism destination following the pandemic.

In fact, to date in 2022, the British tourist has regained its foothold and represents 9% of the total number of hotel users in Malaga capital, being by far the main international profile that chooses the city. They are also providing added value in factors such as their average stay, which is 2.62 days. Malaga is connected, by air, to the United Kingdom via 19 airports, which have more than one million air seats available in the next six months.

For this reason, Malaga attended the World Travel Market with the certainty that its offer would be received by a favourable market and where the destination enjoys an excellent reputation. British tourists and tourism professionals know Malaga and enjoy its segmented tourism offer, especially in areas such as culture or nature, where the city has been showing its credentials, and that has helped it to become, in its own right, a deseasonalised destination that knows how to distribute the tourist flow throughout the year, thanks to additional factors such as its role as a leader in MICE tourism.

In this way, the destination continues to diversify its potential knowing that this generates more opportunities which are better distributed. Malaga offers a series of innovative experiences based on new tourism segments that enrich and open up a range of opportunities: shopping tourism, language tourism, luxury tourism, sports tourism and food and wine tourism.

"A Perfect Place"

Malaga introduced itself at the World Travel Market: as "A Perfect Place", highlighted by the destination's latest promotional campaign, showcased at the London event with the music and lyrics of Luz Casal (a famous Spanish singer), representing a city with multiple possibilities and experiences.

Some of these experiences had their own space, such as the Davis Cup finals at the end of November; a splendid opportunity for the city to distinguish itself as a perfect destination for sports tourism.

In addition, 2023 brings with it an enormously important global cultural anniversary. In this celebration, the "Year of Picasso", Malaga is called to play a leading role on the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the great artist from Malaga who revolutionised the history of art.

Spaces such as the Birthplace Museum and the Malaga Picasso Museum, the Plaza de la Merced, the Santiago Church... Malaga breathes Picasso everywhere and the city is preparing to position itself as a destination of reference.

Another of the goals that Malaga has set itself, and presented at the World Travel Market, is its candidacy to host the Expo 2027 under the slogan 'The urban era: towards the sustainable city'. Malaga does so from its firm conviction and proven track record in the field of smart tourism, of which the city is a reference and continues to work tirelessly towards this goal.

In fact, two of its latest achievements are based on these values. On the one hand, the launch of STO Malaga, the Sustainable Tourism Observatory, which has joined the World Tourism Organisation's International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (INSTO) and which stresses the need to apply sustainability policies to the destination. On the other hand, the recently presented Accessible Tourism Plan, which seeks to continue working on offering a destination for everyone, where universal accessibility is a constant in tourism management.

A philosophy that connects with the objective of tourist quality over quantity, and that is already observed in the increase of the average stay in the city and in the development of tourist segments of high added value, which in turn leads to the increase in quality hotels, the expansion of congress tourism infrastructures or the creation of other facilities such as the recent megayacht marina in Malaga Port.

With these values, Malaga offered itself at the World Travel Market as a 360º city with an endless number of ways to experience and enjoy it.

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