Mila with her Peace Dove painting, which will be auctioned at the Collective Calling Masquerade Ball. SUR
Local artist joins a collective calling for peace in Ukraine

Local artist joins a collective calling for peace in Ukraine

Latvian artist Mila Pierce will auction a painting called Peace Dove during the Collective Calling Masquerade Ball in Marbella this weekend

Friday, 3 June 2022, 12:17


A local artist will auction one of her latest paintings in order to raise money for the people of Ukraine who are suffering due to the devastating war that is currently ravaging their country.

Mila Pierce, an artist from Latvia who now lives in Marbella, has teamed up with Collective Calling, an organisation that works with children and parents in Spain and Tanzania to help tackle the root causes of poverty, although this year they will also offer support to Ukrainian refugees.

The painting, which has been created with sand, is called Peace Dove and it will be donated to the association to be auctioned during its Masquerade Ball, which takes place at the Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Resort in Marbella on Sunday, 5 June.

"The painting comes from a collection called Labyrinth Dreams, and it is made out of Marbella sand. It is designed in the colours of Ukraine, and, obviously, the dove is a sign of peace, which I think is a really important message, because war is never beneficial to anybody.

"When the war started, Collective Calling began to help the refugees who arrived in Marbella. They showed these people so much passion, so I decided to do my bit in order to support them," Mila explained to SUR in English.

Mila, whose gallery is in San Pedro, lived in London for 12 years, where she ran an organic coffee shop with her husband, but she came to Spain to concentrate on her art.

This will be the second year that Mila, who has lived in Marbella since 2016, has supported Collective Calling, an organisation that she says "does an admirable job in the support and promotion of charitable projects".

"I came across Collective Calling a few years ago and I really liked the things they were doing, especially the work they do with children. The charity is quite small, but I think they communicate really well. My art is a reflection of collective decision making, which goes well with the charity's ethos," Mila said.

The gala night will include a performance of The Greatest Show Circus, presented by Sam Woodrow International, and live music supplied by some of the coast's top entertainers.

Tickets cost 130 euros (40 euros of which will be donated to the charity) and includes welcome drinks and reception in the Linares Ballroom, followed by a three-course dinner with unlimited drinks.

For more information and reservations, call 711 006 961, or see the Collective Calling Facebook page.

Collective Calling was founded by Paul and Gemma Carr in 2017 to help support refugees fleeing the war in Syria.

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