The keys to a bedroom that invites you to dream

The keys to a bedroom that invites you to dream

Preparing your bedroom is one of the most important steps in getting a good night's sleep. All the details are important, the sum of the details should lead to the ideal bedroom for sleeping, to achieve the most restful sleep possible

Thursday, 4 August 2022, 12:51


Getting a good night's sleep is the great challenge of modern life, and fundamental to our daily performance. And the bedroom is the fundamental room in any home, as that is where we recharge our energy.

Bedrooms have evolved and will continue to evolve. With the help of our Mattressologists®, MiColchón's sleep specialists, we imagine the bedroom of the future: "A room in the home that is truly dedicated to rest and ONLY rest (and relations, of course!), with increasingly large beds for greater comfort, but individual, for a totally personalised rest. Technology and electric articulated beds will prevail".

Did you imagine such a future? Don't worry, your reading or TV time won't really be affected, there are other rooms for that ;)

But let's live in the present, let's look at the fundamental aspects that you must take into account from now on in order to have the perfect room to sleep in: the colour of the walls, the furniture, the curtains, the temperature, the light, the ventilation, the aromas...

The colour of the room is fundamental

We tend to go with our tastes, but according to several studies, the colour of the walls can influence our mood.

In summary, the best colours for a good night's sleep are blue, soft yellow and green, as they invite calm and relaxation. However, the colours we should avoid for sleeping are grey, red and orange, as they are exciting, intense colours that can energise you and have the opposite effect to the one you want.

The lighting

Our daily cycles respond to the light and dark in the environment. These are called circadian cycles. So, when our body absorbs too much of the wrong kind of light, our sleep cycle can be disrupted. In the evening, it is best to use dimmer, warmer light: this will signal to our brain that it is time to relax. It's a mistake to use white light in the bedroom.

Furniture and decoration

It's important to feel that there is harmony in the decoration. Visual noise can disturb our calm, clutter is the enemy of relaxation. As complements, we can decorate the room with scented candles, steam with relaxing scents, or similar. This all serves to clear and soothe the mind throughout the night.

The bed

The bed is our temple. The most precious commodity in the bedroom.

Let's start with its placement. Ideally, the headboard should be placed against the wall, and the windows and doors should be visible. According to Feng Shui, it should never be placed in front of a mirror.

It's also important to choose the bed linen well, as it comes into direct contact with our skin. Cotton is always a good option, or Tencel, a fibre made from the cellulose of eucalyptus wood, which has a greater absorption capacity than cotton.

Deciding on a good mattress is essential, but we understand that sometimes buying a good mattress can be an odyssey with so many options on the market. To play it safe, we recommend that you choose one of the two new products from Nessen: the ELBA or WESER models. Quality and well-being combined for unbeatable rest and relaxation. They adapt perfectly to any body shape without exerting pressure, and have a reversible winter/summer topper, with a 12-year guarantee and 101 nights of testing!

Other tips for designing your ideal bedroom

You should get into the good habit of airing the room every day to keep the air fresh. Aromatherapy is another good way to help you fall asleep: lavender, jasmine, orange... these aromas will guide you gently into the arms of Morpheus.

Finally, remember to leave electronic devices outside. A quiet chat or some reading before bedtime is always better than using any kind of device.

We’re sure that with these tips, good sleep will be a pleasure within everyone's reach. If you’re looking for the best mattress, come and visit any of the MiColchón mattress shops in the province of Malaga. Their team of Mattressologists® will advise you.

Would you like to see more tips and advice on how to improve your rest and your quality of life? See or visit your MiColchón stores: in Málaga, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Marbella, Vélez Málaga and Torre del Mar, and opening in Motril in July!!!

Sleep hotline: 951 555 155.


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