Run DMC and Posse Hollis pose for Beckman in Queens in 1984. J. B.
Janette Beckman, the photographer who rebels trusted, in Malaga

Janette Beckman, the photographer who rebels trusted, in Malaga

Her subjects have included The Clash, The Police and Run DMC and now she is to give a workshop and hold an exhibition as part of the Moments festival



Friday, 14 October 2022, 11:40

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Janette Beckman's most powerful photos have always been taken in the street. On cars, on pavements, in the middle of the road... portraits which appear spontaneous - although of course they aren't - with natural poses looking straight at the camera.

Her subjects have been the rebels of their time: the London punks in the 70s and New York rappers of the 80s. She turned the spotlight on them before anyone else, and now she is coming to Malaga to lead a workshop and display some of her works in an exhibition. This forms part of Moments, the independent culture festival to be opened today, 14 October, by graffiti artist Steve Powers.

Beckman's workshop will be called Faces of Malaga. How to take Great Street Portraits and be Fearless and Creative, and it takes place at the Apertura photography and visual arts centre in the city on 25 and 26 October.

The following day will see the opening of Rebels, her first exhibition in Spain in her 40-year career. She has done a great deal in those years. She took the photos for the front covers of three discs by The Police, including the first with a very young, and at the time unknown, Sting. Her subjects have included names from Jose Strummer of The Clash to Boy George.

In the 1980s, attracted by hip-hop, she exchanged the London underground scene for that of the New York suburbs and immortalised pioneers of the culture such as Run DMC, Slick Rick, Salt-N-Pepa, Grandmaster Flash, LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane.

Her camera has also focused on urban tribes and marginalised groups, Manhattan biker gangs and an illegal girls' fight club in Brownsville, but she also has the ability to turn from the most alternative to the absolutely commercial, with sessions for clients such as Apple and Dior.

Hers is a leading name in this independent festival, which "was created from nothing", the organisers say, and now includes over 200 activities in thirty different venues in Malaga, Madrid, Seville and Granada.

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