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Hello World, I'm Seville

Hello World, I'm Seville

The Andalusian city attracts visitors from all over the world to enjoy its beauty, its traditions, its festivals, its ambience and its wide range of social and gastronomic events



Tuesday, 22 November 2022, 19:05


Seville, in the south of Spain, greets us and invites us to visit it. You will surely have heard of it before. It is known worldwide as a beautiful city and an unrivalled tourist destination. It is a plethora of heritage and culture that attracts visitors from all over the world to enjoy its beauty, its traditions, its festivals, its ambience and its wide range of social and gastronomic events.

But Seville has so much more to offer. Whatever the month, the city is a warm and friendly place in which to live and in which to meet; a space in which to share unique experiences, in which to develop any professional project or in which to awaken our inner self.

On one hand, Seville is a world-renowned, creative and artistic epicentre, the perfect cultural setting to enjoy the best plans. In Seville, it is possible to be captivated by an exclusive concert in the Plaza de España, within the framework of the Icónica Sevilla Fest; or to attend the premiere of one of the best films thanks to its European Film Festival. In Seville, it is possible to see the premieres of the top artists’ latest creations in the Flamenco Biennial Festival, or to attend major international sporting, business or cultural events.

Throughout the year, Seville puts on an intense programme of shows at the Teatro de la Maestranza, the Cartuja Centre and the Teatro Lope de Vega, as well as a calendar of first-class exhibitions in its art galleries and museums, such as the Bellas Artes Museum, the Andalucía Contemporary Art Centre and the Caixa Forum.

Time seems to stand still when visitors are confronted with the sensorial spectacle offered by the treasures of the city's immense historic centre, scattered with buildings of overwhelming beauty and historical gardens. Travellers, however, should not just let themselves be carried away by the beauty of the Cathedral, the Giralda or the Real Alcázar; they should also take the time to delve deeper and live the city fully, because Seville has so much more: hidden alleyways, avant-garde buildings, light-filled neighbourhoods far from the centre, all just waiting to be discovered.

On the other hand, Seville is also a warm and welcoming city; it is a perfect place to live. Seville's days are bright, long and unhurried. Cycling to the office, having lunch overlooking the Giralda, spending the afternoon running along the river or dining on one of its terraces are all ingredients that make any day special. These circumstances create a friendly and inclusive community in Seville that makes flexible use of time and reconciles rest, leisure, family and social life with work. All of this has a direct impact on its citizens’ and visitors’ quality of life.

This excellent lifestyle makes Seville a productive city, a city of entrepreneurship and professional endeavour which is in constant innovation. Business in Seville is a matter of substance and form; it brings together qualified human capital and entrepreneurial initiative in an intelligent territory of excellence in logistical services, with infrastructures for development and economic conditions that allow companies to be set up, take root and grow in its attractive industrial environment.

The city’s national and international connections by land, sea or air, its hotel facilities, and its extensive infrastructures, for hosting all kinds of events, make Seville beautiful and vibrant and an ideal environment for the development of the MICE or professional tourism sector.

All in all, Seville is a city of cities with so many facets. It is a modern city where everyone can live in their own way. It is a place to enjoy, to live, but also to work, develop projects and invest in. It is an ecosystem defined by a participative, intelligent and sustainable urban and tourist model that also makes it a city shared by both inhabitants and visitors who live together in harmony.





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